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One of the projects that The Emmanuel Ikubese foundation is embarking upon is a fundraising and awareness charity ball on the 29th of November, 2015. This charity ball will be a stepping stone for the initiative. It will be an avenue for us to educate the general public on the following:

  • The definition of domestic abuse.
  • The signs of domestic abuse.
  • The repercussions of domestic abuse to the recipient and the perpetuators.
  • The steps to getting help for domestic abuse recipients and perpetuators.
  • How the general public can help get rid of the scourge.

We intend to do this by showing a feature film. Having experts in the field talk to our guests on the importance of supporting our cause and also having victims share their story on the event day.

We would like the INTERNATIONAL WOMEN SOCIETY to partner with us towards the success of this Charity ball as we intend to raise funds for the following purposes.

  • Make a feature Film that will be used as a tool towards raising awareness in major universities and seminars that will be organized to shed more light on the dangers of domestic violence. (R.A.W DAY)
  • To put in place a proper rehabilitation home where victims can be counseled by professionals and receive proper rehabilitation to get over the trauma caused by this violence.
  • To put in place a strong legal team that will help victims get justice, most especially for victims who can’t afford an attorney.

Support Dates:

⦁ 26th -30th November, 2015.
⦁ 26th – 27th November, 2015: expected guests’ arrival.
⦁ 28th, November, 2015: Press Conference.
⦁ 29th November, 2015: Fundraising Charity Ball
⦁ 30th November, 2015: Departure of invited guests.

I believe this project is in line with your company’s goal as I believe we are all after a better and peaceful society. I crave your support to help us save a woman from herself, a man from being a murderer, a family from losing their bread winners and children from being orphans.

Thank you in anticipation of your much needed support and God bless you.
Mr Emmanuel I.Ikubese
(MR Nigeria/MR World Africa)